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My Child Is A Pleasure Book & DVD Set

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Parents are our partners.  Restitution Self Discipline teaches parents about a child's Basic Needs.  It also presents the Five Positions of Control: Punisher, Guilter, Buddy, Monitor, Manager and helps them guide their children to be self managers.  Youth who learn Restitution will be a pleasure to live with.  The 52 minute DVD features Diane Gossen presenting the topics:  Your Child’s Basic Needs, What is Restitution? and the Five Positions of Control.



It's All About We 

It’s All About We Book & DVD Set

for $25.00

This past decade many educators have had their eyes opened with regard to the difference between the external discipline of rewards and consequences and internal belief based discipline.  Programs based on reinforcing good behavior have given way to an emphasis on helping youth become moral people by developing a set of personal values.  Many programs have integrated the concept of more choice for students.  Sometimes this has led to an approach that is too laissez faire approach.  Based on the science of Control Theory and the restorative philosophy of aboriginal people this book artfully outlines a carefully developed process which will reduce incidents of discipline, improve grade scores and be a pleasure for adults to use to help youth.  This book outlines how we can weave between the monitor of the rules and the manager of beliefs.  The It's All About We DVD provides a review of the ideas of Restitution.