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My Child Is A Pleasure - Diane Gossen

Parents are our partners as we move to restitution. This practical book for parents helps them to work with their children to talk about needs and reparations rather than shaming or criticizing them.

"Diane Gossen's ideas empowered me, finally, to take specific action to change some of the parenting habits that I had fallen into but had always felt were not constructive." - Vicki Voldal Rosenau, Parent Valley City, ND

"I began using these ideas when Elizabeth was two, and she now has such good problem solving and negotiating skills that she was chosen peer mediator in her third grade class for a school of 750 students." - Kay Currin, Parent / Counselor, Fuquay-Varina, NC

"My Child Is A Pleasure provided our family with the vision and the tools to improve our relationships. We have used these tools to clarify our responsibilities, plan our vacations and communicate our needs. Using strategies such as my job/your job, picture of a parent, does it really matter, yes if and need exploration, we arrived at a much greater understanding of our roles of parents and children. The book helped us focus on family beliefs instead of rules and rewards."- David C. McNamara, Special Projects Coordinator, Spencer-Van Etten School District Van Etten, NY

Chelsom Consultants Limited, soft cover, 140 pages. 


Parenting Is A Pleasure - Linda Hart and Kathy Wilson

This manual outlines an eight week Restitution parenting course corresponding with the book My Child Is A Pleasure.  Each session is designed to be one hour in length.   It is necessary to have taken Restitution I, II, and III to be able to give this course.  Masters of recommended handouts and a PowerPoint presentation are included.
Chelsom Consultants Limited,  88 pages plus diskette  $25.00


Doing It - Diane Gossen

This activity laden manual is an excellent resource for understanding reality therapy and control theory. A section on group activities using control theory and sample Practicum I and II outlines are included.
Chelsom Consultants Limited, 8 1/2 X 11 spiral bound, 150 pages $12.00



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