Control Theory Mini Books

Self Evaluating for Quality - Diane Gossen

Gossen has identified seven ways of self evaluating. This mini-book includes activities to personalize each of them.
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Could You Have Done Worse? - Diane Gossen

The more less-effective behavior is an advanced control theory tool that helps clients by showing them all behavior is purposeful. The more more effective behavior counseling helps clients collapse conflict to meet all needs and be in control.
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Control Theory Workbook - Diane Gossen

The focus of this mini-book is the psychological needs with descriptions and activities to help personalize the ideas.
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Role Playing - Types of Clients - Diane Gossen

This is an excellent resource for counselors as it describes several types of clients and different questions to use. The main focus is on the voluntary client, the involuntary client and the third person client.
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Collapse Conflict - Diane Gossen

Many examples are provided to describe the process of how to collapse personal and organizational conflict.
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Internal Motivation in Action - Diane Gossen

The principles of Control Theory are explained with activities to personalize the content.
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My Job Your Job - Diane Gossen

A sampling of many positions in a school district outlining their roles e.g. cook, teacher, principal, student.
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The Behavior Car - Larry Larson

This mini-book describes the behavior car in seven steps including discussion of the engine (needs), the wheels (total behavior), and the road map (the four questions of reality therapy).
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Easy Does It-Addictions Counseling- Diane Gossen

The program outlined in this section was funded by the National Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program in Canada, training forty-five native addiction’s counselors in Northern Saskatchewan.  Chelsom Consultants Limited.         $5.OO

Helping Friends Help Friends - Kevin Hanna

This mini-books provides a framework for teams to develop an effective peer support program using Control Theory and Reality Therapy.  Five sessions for getting started with Community Action Teams and eleven retreat sessions are outlined.
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My Child Is A Pleasure Workbook- Diane Gossen

This mini-book shares worksheets for parents to use to learn about Control Theory and Restitution within the family setting.  To be used in conjunction with the book My Child Is A Pleasure.
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