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My Child Is A Pleasure (146 pages) - Item #310

Teaches parents about a child's basic needs. Presents to them the 5 positions of control, Punisher, Guilter, Buddy, Monitor, Manager and helps them guide their children to be self managers. Youth who learn restitution will be a pleasure to live with. Incidents of discipline drop.

DVD (52 minutes) - $30.00 - Item #320

There are 3 video lectures for parents to view: What Is Restitution?, Why Do People Behave, and 5 Positions of Control.

Audio CD (80 minutes) - $25.00 - Item #330

Many parents are commuters. Three tapes parallel video lectures. The fourth is on the restitution triangle.

My Child Is A Pleasure Workbook - $5.00 - Item #340

This mini-book provides activities to complement the book My Child Is A Pleasure.  40 pages.


Parenting Is A Pleasure - Linda Hart and Kathy Wilson - Item #350 $25.OO US  $32.00 CAD 

This manual outlines an eight week Restitution parenting course corresponding with the book My Child Is A Pleasure.  Each session is designed to be one hour in length.   It is necessary to have taken Restitution I, II, and III to be able to give this course.  Masters of recommended handouts and a PowerPoint presentation are included.
Chelsom Consultants Limited,  88 pages plus diskette