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Parents are our partners.  Restitution Self Discipline teaches parents about a child's basic needs.  It also presents to them the Five Positions of Control: Punisher, Guilter, Buddy, Monitor, Manager and helps them guide their children to be self managers.  Youth who learn restitution will be a pleasure to live with.  Links to articles written by Diane Gossen that will provide an introduction to Restitution Self Discipline are below:

It’s Okay To Make A Mistake

What Do You Want?

Seven Reparations

What Can Parents Do?

Needs Survey


Diane Gossen presented to a sell out crowd of over 600 parents on February 2, 2009 for the Edina Parent Communication Network. 


Resources that may be of interest:

My Child is a Pleasure Resources



My Child Is A Pleasure Book - Item 310

My Child Is a Pleasure DVD (52 minutes)  - Item #320

There are 3 video lectures for parents to view: What Is Restitution?, Why Do People Behave, and 5 Positions of Control.


My Child Is a Pleasure Workbook - Item #340

This mini-book provides activities to complement the book My Child Is A Pleasure.  40 pages.



Parenting Is a Pleasure - Linda Hart and Kathy Wilson - Item #350 

This manual outlines an eight week Restitution parenting course corresponding with the book My Child Is A Pleasure.  Each session is designed to be one hour in length.   It is necessary to have taken Restitution I, II, and III to be able to give this course.  Masters of recommended handouts and a PowerPoint presentation are included.
Chelsom Consultants Limited,  88 pages plus diskette 

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