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  • Creating the Conditions: Leadership for Quality Schools (Diane Gossen & Judy Anderson)
  • Creating the Conditions: Leader Manual (Diane Gossen & Judy Anderson)
  • Doing It (Diane Gossen
  • Class Meetings (Diane Gossen)
  • Quality School Mini-Books

Creating the Conditions: Leadership for Quality Schools
Diane Gossen & Judy Anderson

Answers the questions most often asked by superintendents, principals, and teachers who want to move toward becoming a quality school. What is a quality leader? What does a quality leader need to know about the change process? How can we get started? Gossen and Anderson explain that the role of the quality is to create the conditions for change.

"This book provides you with practical but dynamic ways to change a school or organization. These ideas have helped us create the conditions necessary for significant change in our district. I urge you to read the book if you are looking for a practical, proven way to transform your school for the benefit of its children" - Rick Melching, Associate Superintendent, Evergreen School System, WA

"The beauty of this book is its invitation to courage. It offers the process and examples to help a staff examine its personal and leadership beliefs, and to self-assess whether the actions they're pursuing will get at what really matters. This model has helped our system on its journey toward quality leadership." - Dr. Carol J. Ericson, Superintendent, Roseville Area Schools, MN

"In this book Judy Anderson, a school principal, and Diane Gossen, who has worked with me in schools since 1968, have joined together to tell all who are interested how to create the conditions that will make it possible for a school to move to a Quality School. Read my books, then put what is in this book into practice, and you are on your way." - William Glasser, MD, author of The Quality School and The Quality School Teacher.

New View Publications, softcover, 260 pages $20.00








Creating the Conditions Leader Manual
Diane Gossen & Judy Anderson
he Creating the Conditions Leader manual is designed to accompany the book Creating the Conditions. The purpose of this manual is to provide Quality School leaders with practical activities to teach people control theory, reality therapy and quality management. Included are samples of district work on all levels of the change process. Samples of belief based curriculum and memos to staff will help a school leader set up training sessions for staff. 

Chelsom Consultants Limited, softcover, 107 pages. $20.00

Doing It - Diane Gossen

This activity laden manual is an excellent resource for understanding reality therapy and control theory. A section on group activities using control theory and sample Practicum I and II outlines are included.

Chelsom Consultants Limited, 8-1/2 x 11 spiral bound, 150 pages.  $12.00


Class Meetings - Diane Gossen
Class meetings provide opportunities for students to become involved in the rewarding experience of creatively thinking about relevant topics and offering contributions to the group. Included in this manual are over sixty topics to start meetings with your class.

Chelsom Consultants Limited. $12.00     


Quality School Mini-Books

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