Quality School Mini Books

Why I Do What I Do

This is an illustrated booklet for teaching Control Theory to youth.  Illustrations by Jake Gossen and poetry by Lila McCormick.
Chelsom Consultants Limited, 36 pages.         $5.OO

Quality Schools - What We Want - Diane Gossen

This mini-book provides activities that focus on the three tenets of a Quality School--getting rid of fear and coercion, quality work, and self evaluation.
Chelsom Consultants Limited, 36 pages.         $5.OO

Social Contract- What We Believe - Judy Anderson

The social contract is a vital part of becoming a Quality School. Judy Anderson describes the social contract and provides examples from all grade levels.
Chelsom Consultants Limited, 36 pages.         $5.OO

Conditions for Change

Twenty-one administrators in a Minnesota school district study the book, Creating the Conditions and work with Dr. Judy Anderson to apply the concepts at their sites.  This is their story.
Chelsom Consultants Limited, 36 pages.         $5.OO

My Job Your Job

Thirty jobs in the district have been outlined with participation of all staff in a Washington State School District.  Of special interest will be the sections on - my job is not.
Chelsom Consultants Limited, 36 pages.         $5.OO


Tell Me What You Need

Primary teachers share ideas for teaching the needs the behavior and the quality world.  There is a section on working with parents of pre-schoolers.  Contributors:  Joy A. Rubin, Mary Coyne, Suzanne O’Brien-Fogarty, Linda K. Enck, Mary Cay Pepin, Peggy Shepherd.
Chelsom Consultants Limited, 36 pages.         $5.OO

NEEDS: Necessary Educational Exercises Developing Success

David St. Germain from Chaska High School, outside Minneapolis, shares strategies and feedback from students on creating a needs full-filling classroom.
Chelsom Consultants Limited, 36 pages.         $5.OO

Restitution & Control Theory in the High School

Pam Fox interviews her student George Ortiz two years after he graduated from her Personal Power class to find out what learning’s had been most useful for him.
Chelsom Consultants Limited, 36 pages.         $5.OO

CT for High School English Teachers - Ronni Tallen and Joanne Riccelli

Ronni Tallen and Joanne Riccelli, two experienced English teachers started an experiment that resulted in every grade nine student, in their school of  2000, receiving CT information every day as part of their English Literature class.

It Ain't Workin' So What's My Plan?- Gene Van Asten

This mini-book provides eight detailed lesson plans for teaching sixth graders Control Theory.
Chelsom Consultants Limited.                                             $5.OO

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