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It's All About We: Rethinking Discipline Using Restitution

Diane Gossen

Based on the science of Control Theory and the restorative philosophy of aboriginal people this book artfully outlines a carefully developed process which will reduce incidents of discipline, improve grade scores and be a pleasure for adults to use to help youth.  This book outlines how we can weave between the monitor of the rules and the manager of beliefs.   

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Restitution Restructuring School Discipline

Diane Gossen

Published in 1992 Restitution Restructuring School Discipline is a ground breaking seminal work on how to restructure school discipline practices away from punishments and rewards. 

Restitution helps students make the right choices from within. It is learning rather than teaching.- Bryant Christenson, Teacher, Isle High School, Isle, MN 

Helping students learn more effective behaviors for fulfilling their basic psychological needs should be a major goal for all schools. Restitution helps students learn a better way. - Dr. Albert Mamary, Superintendent of Johnson City Central School District, New York

Item #110 - New View Publications, soft cover. 160pages

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Restitution Facilitator's Guide

Diane Gossen

This guide book provides a specific outline of activities to help school move to less coercive student management. The first half of the book is the Least Coercive Road, showing school how to open up the territory, create a social contract of beliefs, and define roles and rule. The second half outlines how to set up restitution practices.

Item #120 - New View Publications, 132.pages

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La Réparition: Pour Une Restructuration De La Discipline à L'école

Cette approche pratique s'inspire des principes de la thérapie de la réalité et de la théorie du choix.

Item #180 - Chenelière/McGraw-Hill  

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