Mini Book Compilation Manuals

These manuals replicate material from mini-books in response to requests from educators to combine the resources. 

  • The Road to Restitution 
  • The Person I Want to Be 
  • Building a Quality School
  • Self Designing Discipline
  • Heal the Hurt
  • Many Faces of Change
  • Restitution for Teens 
  • Don't Fight Make it Right

Mini Books

It's All About We Teacher Workbook - Diane Gossen

This teacher workbook is to help you work with students to help them think about their needs, develop class beliefs, and build strong internal pictures of the person they want to be. 

Chelsom Consultants Limited, soft cover, 32 pages.   $5.00

Breaking the Cycle of Disruptive Behavior - The Intervention Room - Jeff Fink

Jeff Fink an experienced consultant in behavior management from St. Paul talks about how to set up an intervention room for students who need to be monitored.  For more information also visit

Chelsom Consultants Limited, soft cover, 36 pages.   $5.00

Team Building – Sandy Brueswitz

An Iowa coach talks about how she uses Restitution to help students be better athletes and to create teamwork.

Chelsom Consultants Limited, soft cover, 36 pages.   $5.00

Louis Riel Lesson Plans – Ruth Hargrave

The teachers from Louis Riel School District in Winnipeg have created lesson plans and teach the basic needs quality world and the behaviors car.

Chelsom Consultants Limited, soft cover, 36 pages.   $5.00

Assembly Lesson Plans – Todd Berg       

A principal from Saskatoon, Canada shares how he teaches his students Restitution. Chelsom Consultants Limited, soft cover, 36 pages.   $5.00

Restitution Triangle - Diane Gossen
The Restitution Triangle is a tool that assists in counseling students and clients. Gossen explains each side of the triangle and provides examples of how it has been used in schools and other settings.
Chelsom Consultants Limited, soft cover, 34 pages.             $5.OO

Five Positions of Control - Diane Gossen
Gossen describes the five positions of control--punisher, guilter, buddy, monitor, manager--and illustrates how to move to the manager of restitution.
Chelsom Consultants Limited, soft cover, 28 pages.         $5.OO

Why People Behave - Diane Gossen
To avoid pain, for respect or rewards from others, and for respect of self are why people behave. This mini-book explains how restitution teaches people to behave from internal motivation--to be the people they want to be.
Chelsom Consultants Limited, 30 pages.                         $5.OO

Social Contract- What We Believe - Judy Anderson
The social contract is a vital part of becoming a Quality School. Judy Anderson describes the social contract and provides examples from all grade levels.
Chelsom Consultants Limited, 30 pages.                         $5.OO

Resolving Conflict Using Restitution - Diane Gossen
This section of illustrations teaches youth how to resolve conflict by creating solutions so they as well as others can meet their needs by collapsing conflict.
Chelsom Consultants Limited, 36 pages.

Antidote to Violence - Diane Gossen
This mini-book outlines how belief based discipline will help our youth get out of the "dissing" cycle and return to the jointly established social contract.
Chelsom Consultants Limited, 30 pages.                         $5.OO

Principals Make It Right - Diane Gossen
Principals and special educators share examples of how restitution has worked for themselves and helping students in their schools.
Chelsom Consultants Limited, 30 pages.                         $5.OO

restitution by diane gossen

Teachers Talk Restitution - Diane Gossen
Primary, middle and high school teachers' examples illustrate ways that restitution is being used to help students. An emphasis is on the characteristics of restitution.
Chelsom Consultants Limited, 36 pages.                         $5.OO

schools and districts

Restitution Restructuring - Diane Gossen
In this mini-book Diane Gossen answers sixty of the most commonly asked questions about restitution.
Chelsom Consultants Limited. 36 pages                            $5.OO

Restitution Basics - Anne O'Brien
Activities are provided to help teach children restitution by identifying their beliefs and the type of person they want to be.
Chelsom Consultants Limited.                                             $5.OO

I Can Fix It - Julie Schulz
Julie Schulz a primary teacher from Roseville Minnesota District shares strategies she developed as a part of her project teaching student’s restitution.
Chelsom Consultants Limited.                                             $5.OO

Statistics and Surveys on Restitution
A compilation of statistics and surveys from schools and districts implementing the ideas of restitution.
Chelsom Consultants Limited.                          Item #M10 - $5.00

Restitution as Restorative Justice - Diane Gossen
This section was written for people working with offenders.  It contains an outline of the correction’s workers training program for Saskatchewan. Gossen uses her experience working in corrections to illustrate how to teach control theory and restitution.
Chelsom Consultants Limited.                        Item #M11 - $5.00

It's Okay To Make A Mistake - Diane Gossen
This section is the basis of the presentation Diane and Judy made to A.S.C.D. in March 1999.  The audio tape is available titled Rethinking Discipline.  Parts of this section are also in the educational HORIZONS magazine Summer 1998 issue.
Chelsom Consultants Limited.                       Item #M28 - $5.00

No Coercion - Diane Gossen
Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence and Gilligan’s book on violence are referenced here.  The native approach to healing is shared.
Chelsom Consultants Limited.                    Item #M31 - $5.00

The Planning Room- Diane Gossen
It is a challenge to change the planning room from a detention area to an educational program for troubled youth.  Many examples are shared.
Chelsom Consultants Limited.                                            Item #M35 $5.OO

Becoming A Restitution School- Kathy Wilson
Kathy Wilson provides the details of the journey Jakarta International Schools took implementing the ideas of Restitution.
Chelsom Consultants Limited.                    Item #M38 $5.OO

Peer Coaching Without Coercion Peer Counselors from Chaska High School write up how the ideas of Restitution and Control Theory help them.

Chelsom Consultants Limited, 36 pages.   Item #M37   $5.00




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