Restitution I - Richmond, BC
Nov 13-14, 2008    

Restitution focuses on relationships not rules. On responsibility, not obedience. And on respect, not gold stars. Research has repeatedly shown that when students and teachers treat one another with respect, the environment for learning improves and test scores go up. Restitution is based on control theory which is a theory of internal motivation. Traditional discipline programs are based on stimulus-response psychology and focus on consequences either positive ones such as rewards or negative ones such as the removal of privileges or detention. Restitution teaches students self-discipline and skills needed to accept personal responsibility for one's actions. Restitution strengthens. The focus of restitution is restituting the self which teaches students to behave to be the person they want to be rather than to please others. An important part of this workshop is the social contract that includes the beliefs and values the teacher and students decide together are important.

Location: Best Western Abercorn Inn, 9260 Bridgeport Road, Richmond, BC Canada V6X 1S1
Phone: (604) 270-7576
or 1.800.663.0085

Time: 8:30am-3:30pm each day

Cost $250.00 CAD (includes tuition, GST, training materials, break refreshments)